The AI Stuff Creators and Artists Should Know

The AI Stuff Creators and Artists Should Know by Moodelier

A resource and weekly newsletter called "The AI stuff creators and artists should know" that includes articles, guides, tools, and experts in the field of AI to help creators and artists stay informed and up-to-date on how AI is impacting the creative industry. This page aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of the ethical, legal, and practical aspects of AI as it relates to the creative community, and to foster a community of learning and discussion.


What People Are Saying

β€œHey Moodelier Team,

I just wanted to send you a quick note to let you know how much I enjoy your newsletter! You guys are killing it and this has been such an incredible resource for me as a photographer, artist, and AI enthusiast. Thanks so much for all your effort!!


Karen Founder of Studio Deluca